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Thanks for popping by. Anne's Anchorage is a place to share my personal ideas, experiences and interests. I've never been a great "blogger" so let's say this is a journal. 

About Me
I'm a relief teacher with specialist areas in Visual Arts & Maths from Adelaide, Australia. I'm so thankful for life, love, hope and His grace. I'm trying to find the balance between a social and simple life.

Coffee - saying I'll quit one day is a lie. Get me a skinny cappuccino and I'll be your friend
The Arts, Fashion and Jewellery - in particular, visual and a bit of acting. Art in general has always been a passion so it's not surprising that I've combined it with my interest in fashion.   I like the hands on techniques and processes it takes to finish a piece - my aim is to make Art wearable. I don't want it to become temporary and fast fashion. 12+ years ago I started with beads, moved to painting rings and naturally, at Uni I studied Education and majored in Visual Arts with a focus on jewellery. Since I've graduated I can focus on the enjoyment of working with metal again. Watch this space for my shop! 
Skincare - I'm in search of simple routine that works for me and my family. It's funny how obsessive I can be.
Craft and DIY - as a teacher and big sister I like to involve my 5 year old brother in creative activities that are play based and educational. I get a kick out of making something myself. If I could, I'd rather decorate my living space with my own designs to keep it meaningful.
Education - I want to improve myelf in all that I do and I personally love to learn. Education (with values) makes us wiser, open minded, and improves character. To be involved with a child's educational development is so rewarding.
Fitness and Health - nearly every week you'll find C and hiking though at the moment we've swapped the outdoor shoes for a mat. We're enjoying the benefits of hot yoga. 
Jesus - I like to listen to positive Christian music and my local radio station LifeFM. Obviously I'm  no perfect Christian, but I aim to glorify Him daily. He is the reason for my life. 

I used to blog with my partner Christian as Froth and Cloth blog. As the name suggested, it was aimed at fashion and our addiction to coffee but as time went by, not only did we realise this path was too narrow for us but we found our own areas of passion. It's rare to find us apart so expect C to be involved in this blog - be that a mention here or his photography there.
Christian's photography page for your leisure and interested clients: Polyform Photography. He specialises in fashion and social events, and is steering into wedding photography.

For jewellery orders, commissions and enquiries please email me. 
annesanchorage.com jewellery designs / shop / blog

Adelaide, South Australia

E info@christianpolychronis.com
Instagram @polyform_
christianpolychronis.com - photography

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