NEUW Sharp Denim Range Launch

Last Tuesday we attended the NEUW denim party at The National Art School Cell Block, Sydney. It featured Rockabilly singer Pat Capocci (nice tele) and guest DJ's to celebrate the launch of their latest 50's inspired denim range 'Sharp.' Once we arrived we were told that there were piglets for us to go check out, initially we thought we heard wrong and that there were maybe pikelets to eat perhaps. Sure enough there were actually baby pigs there that we could hold and pet, they kicked up a fuss and started shrieking if you did try and hold them however. No pikelets but plenty of pizza and hot dogs to go around as well as jeans in freezer lock bags. To preserve the colour and look of your jeans you shouldn't wash them so you put them in the freezer to keep them fresh, which is an initiative that NEUW are advocating by selling their new denim range in freezer bags. Apparently it's quite a liberating feeling putting on a pair of jeans straight from the freezer in the morning, hopefully it has the same affect as coffee without the repercussions perhaps.

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Love always

Anne & Christian

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