Song For The Mute

Since fashion week has come to a close I have read some rather not so nice comments about The Box, which was one of the venues at fashion week. It was up stairs in the Overseas Passenger Terminal and apparently it sucked totally major big time mega, in the opinion of others. Well yes, it was small, overcrowded and couldn't accommodate for more than half of the people that lined up to get in. However, even though The Box venue was reserved for more of the smaller designers at fashion week I found that all the shows in The Box we're more enjoyable than the runways in The Tent and The Theatre. With the absence of a runway the shows were choreographed in some pretty amazing ways that made each show more theatrical in a way. Song For The Mute was definitely my favourite show of the week, maybe because it was cool to watch, maybe because I liked the clothes or maybe it was a bit of both. The stage was simple, each model would step onto a box which would light up as they did. I was waiting for the moment where someone would step onto the wrong box and another would light up but they had it pretty down pat. All models donned the 574 New Balance which seemed to work pretty well with the whole scene. Why not 576's, much better!? The whole set of clothes featured were quite simple, just the way I like it. Lots of lines, lots of monotones, lots of harem pants and lots of awesome. Does anyone know where I can get my hands on Song For The Mute apparel in Adelaide? Bah

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