TALULAH Runway at MBFWA Day 2

Second day of Fashion Week and we didn't really have a plan set out as to what shows we were going to go see, come to think of it we don't even have a plan for the rest of the week. Talulah was the longest show so far which meant my arms were pretty much about to drop off by the end of it. Even with my monopod, holding your arms up to the camera and what not is hard work, gotta think of the positives...c'mon sculpted biceps. Good to see some wardrobe malfunctions too, which makes it two out of two days. Talulah featured Gary Pepper Vintage model Nicole Warne, who was the first model to start the show and looked awesome as usual. Happy to see and meet so many other bloggers and people who are are enjoying them selves at fashion week.

Until tomorrow, peace


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