Cameo And Anchorage

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I can finally share with you something special. Christian and I are honoured to have Cameo name a cute cape after us which is coming out soon for their new collection. It's called 'Anchorage Cape', named after our original blog; Anne's Anchorage (now my personal Tumblr.) I'm in love with every single piece from this collection, especially this bad ass black skirt. I've been afraid to play around with bold colours but this beautiful cape does the job, it will brighten up any dull outfit. If you guys ever get your hands on this cape, please post us a photo of yourself onto our Facebook page. We would love to see how you wore it.

I'm wearing Cameo 'Anchorage' Cape and Cameo 'He Said What?!' skirt.


  1. Anonymous5:43 am

    super crazy awesome ! xo

  2. ccoww5:43 am

    anonymous was me btw

  3. That is too cool! Love all the structural stuff going on here. And that cape is rad, like you x

  4. sending kisses your way. xxx