1012 - Great Gatsby - May 26, 2013

1006 - Great Gatsby - May 26, 2013

1014 - Great Gatsby - May 26, 2013

1017 - Great Gatsby - May 26, 2013

On Sunday I missed Adelaide's The Great Gatsby premier due to a silly mistake so decided to go out for dessert instead. This perfect alpaca wool coat is one of my favourite thrift finds. $30 at Salvos! The Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal was also on the weekend that just past and it's not too late to donate! Or if you have time, head into one of their stores and maybe you'll find yourself a special something like I did...

Wearing thrifted alpaca coat, Bardot trousers, Elwood plaid shirt and Louboutin heels
Another outfit of me wearing these heels is on my quiet lookbook.nu



  1. Gorgeous outfit, Anne! P.S. Red lippie really suits you xx

  2. ccoww7:13 am

    Smokin. Hawt.