What not to wear on a date

0808 - Two Year Anniversary - May 06, 2013

0804 - Two Year Anniversary - May 06, 2013

These were taken back on our anniversary night over a month ago. I've been holding back on sharing these pictures because I don't like the outfit tbh. But since I"m madly busy with Uni and have nothing better to share, I thought I'd tell you why I despise the outfit. Don't get me wrong, separately the pieces are beautiful but put together its frustrating. Firstly the shoes and trench scream different seasons. Secondly, the shoes would have been better off worn with ankle grazers or a skirt. And thirdly I should have worn something more fitted under that large tent, I mean trench.. etc etc.

I'm wearing, thrifted check trousers, Burberry trench, Witchery white shirt and Chanel shoes.

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  1. ccoww9:13 am

    you are crazy, i love this outfit xx