DIY Diary Cover

I wanted a large diary this year, larger than A5 and smaller than A4. You don't know how picky/annoying/diaryzilla I was!

Last year I had a Star Wars Moleskine. It would have been perfect as it had the week ok the left and ruled lines on the right, but it was too small! I contemplated numerous other brands including; Teneues Cool Diary (from the year before), and a Japanese brand from Notemaker.com.au (I forget the brand, but it was made of linen with vinyl slip cover). I was even close to purchasing the Moleskine Professional XL hardcover diary but forking $70+ is too much for a poor student who budgets for $3 max lunches.

So behold, the solution to all my problems; the Moleskine XL diary Softcover. SOFTCOVER?? How I got over that hurdle, is my little DIY above. I stitched a plastic sheet (clear vinyl from SpotLight) onto it with wool. It took me forever, and my fingers are still hurting. My tip is to firstly pierce larger holes using a pin tack (the pins for cork boards) so that the needle can squeeze through easier.

What do you think?

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