Mystic Colour

I have an obsession with anything rainbow, colour-change, iridescent, metallic green, jade [anything green - my favourite colour!], hologram, mystic, titanium-rainbow-colour-coated-whats-it-called blah blah, stuff. 

The first couple of photos are colour changing mood rings that I make, the mystic topaz stones are STILL waiting to be set and made into jewellery [when I can be bothered], 5th and 6th photo are iPhone cases that I've been eyeing [the are Adopted - pricey for plastic], the 3D Yoda watch is a collectable [I like Yoda, and Star Wars characters but find the movies boring - sorry C], and then there's my fave CDG jewel wallets. Yes. I have a back up.

To be honest, I don't wear a lot of colour (even green), and jewellery but its something I like making. Its my hobby. It makes me happy.

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