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*Dec 2014 update* Sadly the CC Sensitive sunscreen broke us out. Its thick formula is too rich, even for people who don't break out easily. We're currently using the Cancer Council Everyday sunscreen in a orange bottle. The formula is lighter and unlike the Sensitive, is more comfortable to wear.

I've only recently been strict with mydaily  sunscreen protection. It came about after a sales assistant from Mecca (City Cross in Rundle Mall) found it difficult to colour match me for some Nars foundation. 

My casual sun protection = different skin shades on neck, forhead (with new freckles), arms, chin, chest and checks.  

So yes, here I am talking about sunscreen because since then (and my first laser hair removal treatment, which I'll talk about later), I've been researching  anything hyperpigmentation related. For the past 4 months (when I've been bothered) I've been using the QV Moisteriser Day Cream spf30. Since both Christian and I have been using Tretinoin for this period (and continuing it) I wanted a gentle sunscreen that wouldn't break me out again. A lovely sales assistant from Priceline Gawler Place told me she swears by the QV, and she was right. 

It's not until yesterday, I went back to Priceline in Gawler Place to purchase a Natural Instinct branded one but randomly found the Cancer Council Sensitive Sunscreen. It was on sale for $11.99, so I thought why not! It's funny, I was actually after a "chemical" free, mineral based sunscreen, thus the Natural Instinct, but I was curious.

On a side note, before yesterday's purchase and after a load of research, I purchased Replenix Sheer Physical Sunscreen Cream SPF 50 online. Apparently it does leave a white cast but considering the high amount of zinc oxide it's not so bad, and at $40, it's quite pricey. Unfortunately I can't review it  since I'm still eagerly waiting for it to arrive.

Below I will compare my new purchase with the QV Face Moisterising Day Cream.

Sunscreen Comparison 

QV Face Moisturising Day Cream spf30 75ml :
rrp $14.99, purchase here,  

- a favourite for the last 4 months (between C and I, we have 3 of bottles - all are half empty)
-  thicker than CC, and it heavier, so it feels like you're wearing sunscreen but this never bothered me
- didn't break me out
- no white cast
- dries to a natural matte finish
- 4% zinc oxide

Cancer Council Sensitive Sunscreen spf50 150ml: rrp $14.99, purchase here, https://www.priceline.com.au/index.php/skincare/sun-and-tanning/sun-protection/sensitive-sunscreen-spf50-110.0-ml

*note, I've only used this for a day and I love it already! Fingers crossed it won't break me out. I'll keep you updated.

- more fluid like. I feel like I need to shake it before use.
- for the same price as the QV, you get double the amount
- dries matte, feels lighter to wear and isn't as sticky.*update* its actually opposite - sadly it's very thick and broke me out. 
- supports the Cancer Council.
- for body and face - though I was using the QV on my body anyway. I don't have to be stingy with this as there's more
- both a physical and chemical sunscreen like the QV but with 5% zinc oxide.
-*update* this is very hard to take off. I should be using an oil based cleanser/makeup remover before a cleansing but I've been using an Aveeno scrub and repeating it. 
*see top of page for newest update, sadly in the long run it broke me out*

So.. as you can see, I'm already loving the new Cancer Council Sensitive Sunscreen. It's apparently a new formula. I've never used the old one so I can't compare the improvement.

What sunscreen do you use?

What can you recommend for someone with breakout prone skin and after a physical based formula?

<3 Anne x

*Please note, I'm no expert! This is my personal opinion based on my skin.

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