South Australia Designer Showcase 2014

Last week the Adelaide Gaol was transformed into a runway and party area. Who knew my first time at the goal would be for a fashion show? Honestly it was the perfect setting for such a glamourous event. It was so good to see how far Adelaide's fashion industry has grown. We have some great talent - especially in the formal, bridal and gown area. 

The Emerging Designer Competition was first up with Simmone Standing the Label winning the 2014 award. I'm sure it was a hard decision for the judges but I was hoping the designer of my favourite outfit would win. Unfortunately Christian nor I got decent photo of the column dress, but here is mine. 

Obviously the photo doesn't give it justice. For some reason (it may be because I'm now a teacher so I have to look presentable) I'm preferring more polished looks - so I have been eyeing anything white. Sadly, wearing it is another issue. Knowing how clumsy I am, the only time I would be able to wear white is if it were coated in some dirt/water resistant coating - a white raincoat seems to rock the boxes, let's make it a white Burberry one. Kidding.

Below are a few more photos from the 2nd half of the show - Adelaide's own existing designer that we are very proud of. More professional photos can be seen on Christian's page: christianpolychronis.com 

Malachi Empire - Sok's designs are so beautifully detailed. 

Couture Love Madness - my sort of dress and colour. Its texture makes it far from boring.

Jaimie Sortino - Oh this dress!

Thank you for having us AFF team - You know who you are. All your hard work certainly paid off! X

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