My 2015 Diary

Are you (or were you) looking for the best 2015 diary? Are you, or do you know  someone who is particularly picky about stationary? 

Its no doubt that we are living in a digital age but having an "old school" physical diary can still have a place in our busy lives. I see it as a notebook for general notes, journal entries (even Dear Diary type ones), and daily organisation. It's also nice to have a keepsake, to look back on the year once had.

When you go diary hunting what do you look for?

There are 3 main things that I want from a diary;
- Grided paper for notes and my design sketches
- Must be larger than A5, and smaller than A4 (let's call it A4.5)
- A weekly 2015 calendar with enough room to help me be organised

I came across the Japanese brand Delfonics at David Jones while searching for my 2013 diary. At the time I decided for another, though I loved it for its grey linen cover (and it already had a protective cover) unfortunately it was too small.

So behold another year, in October 2014 I found the Delfonics Rollbahn 2015 diary. I've been using it for close to 2 months so I'm going to share my opinion on it so far. I'll then compare it to my 2014 diary, the Moleskine Extra Large Weekly 2013-14 Soft Cover.

Rollbahn 2015 Diary Monthly by Delfonics (purchased at Notemaker.com.au.)

-comes in a wide variety of colours, even a pearlescent one 
-plenty of gridded note paper
-a perfect size (A5.5?)
-hard cover
-elastic closure to keep it closed

-the paper is too yellow
-the front cover marks easily, and the back is cardboard. It should be durable for everyday use
-no protective cover
-the binder is annoying. It gets in the way when I write

(To teachers) As a teacher I know how hard it is to juggle commitments and everyday planning. Even though these diaries aren't specifically for teachers, I've been able to modify it to suit my needs. You could do the same - if you can find time in your chocablock schedule. Since its bindered, I split the clear sleeves found at the back of the book and moved them to separate note sections. You'll need a lot of patience though.

I also made a clear sleeve cover for it. I bought a clear cover for an A4 book (at Office works for less than $1), cut it to size and melted the open edge to seal it.

Moleskine Extra large Weekly softcover diary (18 month version):

-"A5.5" size
- opens up flat
- has a ribbon book mark
- weekly calendar on left side and ruled notes on right 

Verdict (so far):
Unless Delfonics makes a large weekly  gridded diary (preferably with at least a couple of pages of notes between weeks) I won't be repurchasing a Delfonics as a diary...

What diary do you use? If you come across a diary that you think I may like please let know. Also, specific teacher diaries are more than welcome. 

Happy organising!

Miss Anne

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