Business Card Design

Vistaprint is the Costco of the online digital printing world. I recommend having a thorough Google search for the best deals as there are dozens of them going on at one time. Don't settle for the first one you see.

A couple of years ago I purchased some business cards from them. From memory they were $10 plus postage for 250. I roughly designed the network cards for our trip to Sydney Fashion Week. And when I say "roughly" I mean so last-minute that I had to stop myself from always apologising to Social media Celebrities about the misspelling of "photgoraphy". Lesson of the day: proof read, edit, sleep on it, then proof read again! It's no wonder it looks like I still have a full box of cards.

Two years later, I now need business cards for relief teaching. I've been advised to leave cards at schools (with permission) and one along with the feedback you leave for the classroom teacher. I've been meaning to make one for months, but since the deals are always for a limited time only, I've never been able decide on a design on time.

I wanted more than just a disposable business card, so creating a quote on one side means it can be displayed. The turn-over symbol hopefully reminds them that there is something at the back. I used an app called ArtStudio (Purchased for around $5.99?). It's a simple "Photoshop" like app. After finally deciding on a quote, I used a photo Christian took of the night sky in Balmoral. How cool is it? I then played around with fonts to make it a bit more funky. I hope it's not too hipster.

On the info side I put my picture, usual contact details, availability and ID numbers.

So what do you think of the design? Where do you print business cards?

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