Adora Store's Grand Opening

Adora store's official grand opening was held a couple of weeks ago. The celebration filled City Cross Arcade with the disgusting smell of freshly popped buttery popcorn, and don't get me started on the horrible candy bar (sarcasm of course). Like I said on Facebook, candy bars in Fashion stores are dangerous. As a indecisive girl, it takes me 200X the time it takes the average girl to make a decision: so fuel me with sugar and I'll have enough energy to try on the whole store!

The clothes are mostly aimed at young women, ranging from flattering A-line midi skirts for work, to bodycon dresses for nights out in town.

The sweetest manager, Quin was so helpful. Since it's now autumn, I wanted something that I can layer but also be suitable for teaching. She helped me make a decision between the black and the grey sweater.

What do you think? A word of caution, if you see me wearing this you'll get an itching urge to dance. I'm a shiny discoball!

If you're ever in Rundle Mall, pop into Adora in City Cross Arcade. If you can't find something your size, don't hesitate to ask the sales girls.

Anne x

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