My Teacher's Trolley Bag

Hedgren Cindy Trolley
The older I get the more I'd rather prevent injuries and if this means pulling along a trolley instead of using a tote then I'm in. I'm no body builder so my arms and shoulders turn into jelly after lugging stacks of books around school.

A couple of weeks ago I was extremely lucky to recieve a Cindy trolley by Hedgren in the new season colour Mouse Grey to review. Who would have thought that I have been desperately re/searching for my perfect teacher's bag for months prior. Talk about coincidence!

The Cindy trolley is part of Hedgren's Diamond Touch collection; a business bag collection for a busy girl like me. 

Look + My Outfit
The new season Mouse Grey is a much needed addition to the classic black or red options. Personally I love the colour (shade). Grey is the ultimate neutral; it can be worn dressed up or down. As you can see from my (teacher) outfit (minus sleeves), wearing all grey doesn't have to mean you'll be mistaken for a statue street artist. The key is to play around with the textures and shades all 50 Shades thanks to my scarf. OK I take that back. The lining is Hedgren's signature red which makes things more interesting and most importantly, faster! If you see a grey and red blurr wizz past, that'll be Ms Bahn.

The bag pulls along so darn smoothly yet like with all trolley bags I sound like I'm off to a holiday (in the staff room). The sturdy double telescopic handle locks at maximum and when pulled along, is perfect for me; (what is the perfect angle you ask? Find the length between my hand and heel (while walking), height of bag, length of heel to bag, use SOH, This is wrong and I'm tired)  which means no more heel-to-bag contact. It also locks into place and is released with a button, so I have control over when it collapses, not the other way around!

I can fit a thick folder and my large pencil case into the main back compartment, which zips all the way down for easy access. It also has a padded compartment for my iPad. In the middle compartment, I keep things like my lunch (that's my emergency can), hat, snacks/lollies and wipes.

The handy organiser at the front is perfect for storing frequently used things that I need quick access to such as pens, gum, lipstick and keys. It also has a mobile phone pocket that is just (hooray!) big enough for my iPhone 6. The bag also comes with 2 years warranty and is apparently water repellent; which deserves a tick and a sticker!

For product specifications see Hedgren's website.

Hedgren's Cindy trolley is a great business bag that I can confidently say will join me on adventures across school grounds for a very very long time. The only downfall is that there is only enough space for what I've mentioned above so far. As a teacher I carry around a extra things such as a diary, school laptop etc; funnily enough though, I'm lazy so I hardly ever fully zip up my bags anyway, so that's not a big problem.
Of course the Cindy trolley will suit anyone with any occupation (oh where was she when I lugging around all those text books as a student), but since she is a teacher's bag, I'm calling her Ms Cindy from now on.

Thank you for saving me from (fingers crossed) any unnecessary trips to the physio Hedgren!

To teachers/ business people/ shopaholics out there, what trolley bags do you use/recommend?


Photos taken by Christian Polychronis.

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