Fractured Fairy Tales: Jason (Jack) and the Beanstalk Photostory

Here's a Photo story that I made called Jason and the Beanstalk. It's a simple twist on (you guessed it) Jack and the Beanstalk. 

Here's a quick way to use my Photostory in the classroom (excuse the vocab, it's too early in the morning):

Fairy Tale Genre (adapt for all year levels)
Compare alike and different:
Using what they've learned about Fairy Tales and comparisons to existing fractured fairy tales, have students create their own fractured tales.
After selecting a favourite fairy tale, students can start writing a twisted version of the tales. Encourage them to invent new titles that still hold true to the original title.

Extension 1:
Discuss what makes a good picture book and requirements needed for a book to be published.
Create picture book: Students create illustrations (either draw or on computer) to create a picture book for publishing. 12-16 pages.

Extension 2:
Show students examples of Photo stories (eg. Jason and the Beanstalk). Discuss similarities and differences to the original fairy tale and thoughts on the photostory.

Create Photo story: If illustrations aren't digital, scan them to put onto the computer. Use a photo story program or Movie Maker to create a Photo Story.

Anne x

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