Cosmopolitan Perfume Review

Coming home after a holiday for my birthday was quite depressing but unwrapping this beauty made me smile. The new Cosmopolitan Fragrance (Eau De Parfume) reminds me of a scent I used to have when I was younger, however its more grown up.


It has a refreshing fruitiness that makes me crave Jols (yes, I'm eating them while writing this). It's also florally yet woody; a spot on scent for young women who want to steer away from sweet fragrances for teens.

The beautiful crystal faceted glass bottle will warm my dressing table and when it runs out I'll happily keep it for decoration. I have a habit of hoarding beautiful things.

At $39 (50ml) and $49 (100ml), exclusive to Priceline (Australia), it's quite well priced so you don't feel like you're spritzing away dollar signs.

A downside is it doesn't last the whole day but if you're like me, I can be stingy with pricey perfumes, and before you know it they go off and smell like drunk old man breath wearing cheap cologne (FYI, it's a metaphor, not from experience).

Since I'm not a crazy purfume girl, receiving a compliment from Christian should be a good thing. He thought I was unusually fancy - suspicious even. ;) Thanks Cosmo!

Anne X

PS. For a complimentary sample, click here.

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